Saturday, December 3, 2011

Road Warriors

Madcap story, beautifully put together by Bob Carlson of KCRW's "Unfictional", about a catastrophic day me and my friends Andrew (Gilbert) and Justin (Doughty) experienced when we were seventeen. Three different perspectives of the same event - just like Rashamon!

In the old photo of us at school swimming carnival, that's (highlighted) left to right Justin, Andrew and me. And in the contemporary photos, Justin on the Ducati, Andrew in hat, me in green shirt.


Miche said...

Hi Luke

I did an assignment on you, as an Australian Contemporary poet, and was marked 97%. I've posted some of my work on my blog

It's because you are so amazing that I was so successful! Thanks.


Totem said...

Michelina - I'm glad you like my work enough to put all this effort into writing about it! And I'm flattered by what you've written. Thanks!

MissBooful said...

Hello Mr Davies,
I'm not sure if you check this blog much but wondered if I reached out would I get a response? Who knows. I do know life can be long for some but it can also be short ... and sometimes it can even be shorter than that ... so, what the heck. Here goes. I ask if you would be open to a quick interview in LA? I'm currently a film student at UTS and also write occasionally for a modest, independent online go-to site, "Megaphone Oz", for journalists and journalism students based in Sydney. I'm coming to LA to visit friends toward the end of the year sometime and would be honoured to interview you at a time/place convenient to you.
I loved 'Life', 'Candy' and am a great admirer of your prose, particularly Interferon Psalms, which I hold dear and turned to during a long recovery from illness in which post-mortality blues tried to swallow me whole.
I'd be interested to interview you in light of the film release of 'Lion' which I'm looking forward to seeing when released.

If you're available for a snippet of time, please do let me know.

Putting it out there, and thanks,

Justine Hamilton

justine said...
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TotemPoem said...

Hi Justine, Try me on FB, "Totem T. Totem" ...