Saturday, May 15, 2010

From Malibu to Marfa to Cannes, from the Sublime to the Ridiculous but in No Particular Order

A long and disappointing story, but technical difficulties prevented the screening of Air at the Malibu Film Festival, both on the scheduled night (sorry to all those who trekked down there - really sorry) and the day-after when it was supposed to be screened again. Alas and etc. Then I went to New York, briefly. Then to Marfa, Texas, which, due to the Malibu situation, became the world premiere of Air. (Yay.) It looks really good on the big screen, so I was very happy to be down there and see it. Marfa is an amazing town, with a very cool film festival, now three years old. I've been to Marfa three times now and realized this time that what makes it really interesting is that pretty much everyone who lives there - who chooses to live there - is like a character out of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel. It's this tiny art town in the middle of wide-open sweeping Texas. Nice festival website too:
Then I had frequent flyer miles so I flew to Paris to finish the edit of my short film L'Imbecile. Got off plane in Paris at 4pm last Monday and caught taxi straight to editing room. Worked in a kind of extended jetlaggy hallucination for four hours Monday night, then all day Tuesday. Then caught train down to Cannes (because why not?) for three days. Cannes is simply mad.

Now I'm at Heathrow and my flight is being called. So this blog entry is just the bare bones of some information.

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