Monday, November 16, 2009

Brothers Save Seven People Caught By Rip .... (and other exciting blog updates) ....

As usual, it's been a while. I learned that I can't yet put a link to my film Air up, since first we have to see if we get into festivals, then it has to go onto the QOOB website (the Italian co-producers).

Meanwhile: me and my brothers. Three decades ago. Double-click to read. Then click again to zoom.


Anonymous said...

Hi Luke, me again.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for Air.

There's at least one film/story in this clipping. 2011 marks 25 years since ten people were pulled from a Rip by three brothers. Someone must know what happened to those people after they thanked you and left the beach.

Take care

Eva said...

Dear Mr. Luke Davis.
I'm in desperate need of your help.
I'm writing a huge assignment about you, and your incredible novel Candy. I'm a 20'year old girl from Denmark and it's a bit difficult to find enough information about the story, and about YOU! I've just seen you on SlowTV, talking about Arctic Dreams. I was very surprised because I remeber the book from the movie, but I didn't know that it had so much meaning to it! So I have bought it, and can't wait to read it.. I don't expect you to answer this e-mail, but I had to try!
I really would like to write about you, your experience with addiction and the poetic flow you write in. I know that arctic dreams was a turning point for you, but what happened? How did you break free, and which sacrifices did you make to become who you are today? Do you regret anything, or don't you belive in regrets? If you read this, I just want to say, that I am so deeply facinated, and completly blown away about you and your story. I wish to pass it on, and I really hope that I can do a great job.
Thak you for you time, and keep up the good work! You have a big fan in Denmark.
And again, I understand if you are not interested.
Best wishes from Eva

bertignac said...

Luke, i'm in sydney, staying with david opitz in lichthard ... my number here is 0416512748
going back to paris on 10 dec ...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Totem said...

Michelle -- thanks -- good idea, perhaps one day I'll revisit that.

Mel, Eva -- sorry, haven't worked out how to get alerts, so came across these comments randomly (and 2 months later!) -- my email is luke at

mel, i'm coming to paris all of feb; eva, happy to answer your questions.